22 October 2019Privacy statement

1. Introduction

Homigo is a Digital tool that facilitates communication between the professional of home renovation and its clients, as well as favors the monitoring of each one of the projectHomigo is a digital tool that facilitates communication between the professional of home renovation and its clients, as well as favors the monitoring of each one of the projects.

If you visit our website or in any other way contact Homigo, we process your personal data. By “processing” we mean everything we can do with this data such as collecting, recording, storing, adjusting, organizing, using, disclosing, transferring or deleting that data. This Privacy Statement aims to explain in a simple and transparent way what personal data we gather about you and how we process it.

2. The types of personal data we collect about you

Personal data refers to any information that tells us something about you and that we can link to you. If you contact us, we process personal data such as your full name and email address. We do not record sensitive data relating to your health, ethnicity, religious or political beliefs.

3. What we do with your personal data

We only use your personal data for legitimate business reasons. This includes:

  • - Validating interest in Homigo proposed goods and services;
  • - Contacting you about Homigo and Homigo's proposed initiative; and if necessary, to comply with our legal obligations.
Data that we process for any other reason is anonymized or we remove as much of the personal information as possible.

4. Who we share your personal data with and why

We may disclose personal data to third parties like regulators if required to do so by law. When we use other service providers we only share personal data that is required for a particular assignment. Service providers support us with activities like:

  • - performing certain services and operations
  • - designing and maintenance of internet-based tools and applications; and
  • - preparing reports and statistics, printing materials, and designing products.

5. Marketing

We will not use your personal data for marketing or promotional purposes.

6. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file. We store it on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone when you use http://www.mijnHomigo.nl. A cookie has a unique number to which data can be linked. Here, you can read more about which cookies Homigo places and what we use them for.

Functional cookies: Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly. e.g. to view it in the correct screen size.

Analytical cookies: We use analytical cookies to measure visits to www.mijnHomigo.nl. For this, we use Google Analytics and Hotjar, collecting information on how you navigate, how much time you spend on our website, how long you visit a particular web page, from which website you came to our website, type of internet browser you use and the IP address of your mobile phone and/or tablet, and websites you visit after visiting our website. This information is collected and analyzed to improve the user-friendliness of our website and to improve our communication and marketing activities. The statistics and reports resulting from this cannot be traced back to persons.

Marketing cookies (Targeting): these cookies originate from parties other than Homigo. With your permission and based on the web pages you visit on our website, we would try to make the experience more relevant to you, sharing with you on our website and on third-party websites information and offers that may be interesting to you.

We use Google AdWords, and Facebook to show relevant offers. We display these offers on the Homigo website, on third-party websites, and within Google’s services. Please note that these are third-party cookies and therefore the types and duration of these cookies are set by them. This is beyond our control: If you want to know what Google does with the stored data, please check Google's privacy policy. If you want to know what Facebook does with the stored data, please check Facebook's privacy policy.

How long do you give permission for cookies?

Homigo records whether you have given permission to place a cookie. Every year, you will be asked again whether you accept the cookie. You can then again give your permission to place the cookie. know what Facebook does with the stored data, please check Facebook's privacy policy.

7. Data retention

We are only allowed to keep your personal data for as long as it’s still necessary for the purpose we initially required it. After this, we look for feasible solutions, like archiving it.

8. Your rights

We respect your rights to determine how your personal information is used. These rights include: a. Right to access personal data: You have the right to ask us for an overview of your personal data that we process by sending an email to joris@mijnHomigo.nl .
b. Right to rectify personal data: if your personal data is not correct, you can ask us to rectify your personal data by sending an email to joris@mijnHomigo.nl.
c. Right to complain: Should you not be satisfied with the way we have responded to your concerns you have the right to submit a complaint to us.
If you are still unhappy with our reaction to your complaint, you can escalate it to the ING Bank Data Protection Officer. You can also contact the data protection authority in your country. Please refer to the ING Privacy Statement for a full overview of your rights and how to exercise them.

9. Contact us

If you want to know more about our data policies and how we use your personal data, you can send us an email at home@homigo.nl.

10. Changes

We may change our Privacy Statement from time to time. The date of the last adjustment was November 2019. Please, check our Privacy Statement regularly for the latest version.